Gifted & Talented Program in Arkansas

Identification of gifted and talented students in the Lighthouse Academies of Arkansas is an ongoing process extending from grades K-12, serving at least 5% of the student population. Written identification and placement procedures for the GT program are available to all stakeholders (LHA GT handbook, 2016). Once a student has been referred, data is collected in a non-discriminatory manner. Multiple criteria are used to determine placement. Placement is made by at least a five member committee consisting of, but not limited to, a G/T Specialist, a counselor, classroom teachers, and the Director of Gifted/AP Programs. Identification procedures are uniformly implemented across the district. Gifted and talented student records remain on file for five (5) years post graduation.

Program Description

Grades K-2: Whole Group Enrichment Program
The G/T Teacher designs whole group enrichment lessons emphasizing creativity, problem solving, logic, and critical/reflective thinking. All K-2 students receive enrichment lessons provided by the G/T Specialist.

Grades 3-5: Pull Out Program
Students are pulled-out of the elective class-room for one hour 2 times a week and 30 minutes on Fridays. Students are not required to make up work missed while attending their G/T class. At this level, the gifted and talented teacher aims to enrich or extend the curriculum taught in the regular classroom. Content may be accelerated or enriched using basic or more complex curriculum for gifted students.

Critical Thinking Skills:
analysis, synthesis, evaluation, logical reasoning, inference, problem-solving, interpretation, and decision making
Creative Thinking Skills:
flexibility, originality, elaboration, curiosity, imagination, and risk-taking
Independent and Group Investigation Skills:
questioning, listening, information gathering, organization, and product development
Personal Growth Skills:
self-concept, interpersonal relations, coping with failure, communication, and personal decision making

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For more information, please reach out to your school's Gifted and Talented representative.

Tyrone Davis
GT Teacher and Coordinator
Jacksonville and Capital City