Our Approach

At Capital City Lighthouse Charter School, we prepare our scholars for their future through rigorous programs that provide them with a solid academic foundation. Our academic program is designed to set growth targets for each individual scholar and measure progress toward those goals. We meet our scholars where they are and create an individual plan so they can reach grade level and college readiness standards. We also integrate diverse cultural opportunities to augment learning and broaden horizons.

What We Expect

We believe that when we set high expectations, our students will rise to meet them. At Capital City Lighthouse the development of habits and mindsets necessary for college is as important as the academic curriculum. We support our scholars in their capacity to engage collaboratively, be disciplined in their academic and personal pursuits, and contribute in meaningful ways to their community. 

Scholar Habits

We support and train our students to develop scholarly routines and patterns and implement these as actionable skills. These important habits, or A.C.E.S, steer the social development of our school community.

Active Community Membership

Active Community Membership demonstrated by their ability to identify and make positive contributions to the many different kinds of communities of which they are a part.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking as demonstrated by their ability to problem solve, make decisions, and consider multiple strategies and perspectives when answering questions, approaching challenges, and interacting with others.

Effective Communication

Effective Communication demonstrated by their ability to read, speak, listen, and write with clarity, accuracy, authenticity, and conviction across various domains.

Self-Direction and Self-Management

Self-direction and Self-management demonstrated by their ability to take initiative with their learning and work, ask and answer questions, and understand that they are ultimately responsible for their future..


The influence of leaders, mentors, and teachers can be profound. At CCLCS, we carefully select staff members who share our enthusiasm towards lifelong learning—for themselves and their students.  


  • Our teachers are dedicated and focused on individualizing learning for each scholar through rigorous arts infused instruction.
  • Teachers receive 160 hours of professional development throughout the year.  This includes whole group training as well as coaching sessions focused on individual educator growth.
  • Our teachers and instructional support staff understand the developmental levels of scholars, and provide intense support to help our scholars develop the skills they need socially and emotionally in addition to academically.

Safe Environment

Learning and thinking creatively can only be exercised when students feel safe in their surroundings. We create campus and classroom environments that are predictable, orderly, and physically and emotionally safe. In order to achieve this, we adhere to the following practices:

We maintain a constant pulse on scholar behavior, allowing us to be proactive in diffusing any negative behaviors before they become a disruption or safety concern.

We employ an operations team to ensure that our facility is safe from hazards and outside threats. We conduct drills each month to ensure our students and staff members are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

We warmly welcome parents and guardians visiting and being involved in the school. When you arrive at the school, please go directly to the main office to sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass. When you are ready to leave the school, please go to the main office, return the visitor’s pass, and sign out.

To and Through College

Even at the elementary level, it is important for us to prepare scholars for success in high school and beyond. As early as kindergarten, teachers begin to plant seeds about college and careers.

  • Each homeroom class adopts a college and mascot to learn about and represent for the year.  
  • We incorporate a virtual college and university tours during each of our Town Hall assemblies with the scholars, exposing them to a variety of schools throughout the year.  
  • Our Upper Academy scholars visit activities at local universities to learn and experience college life.